A downloadable game for Windows

This is a demo of our game. Chat with the NPC's, explore and collect berries in this demo ^_^ 

Xbox One/Xbox 360 Controller Required for Windows 

About Maive:

Maive is a single-player interactive narrative about a travelling storyteller with a magic book that brings her stories to life. 

Join Maive as she returns home after years away, and meet a unique cast of characters whose trials and experiences mirror her own. Lose yourself in the world of Maive’s magic book by playing as the characters on her pages, and discover why she left, how she became a storyteller, and the courage it takes for her to finally come home.

Install instructions

Controls for Windows:  [Xbox One/360 Controller only]

Left Analog Stick: Character Movement

Right Analog Stick: Camera Movement

Character Interaction/Berry Bushes Interaction/ StoryBook Progression: A Button


Maive V2.1 Windows.zip 60 MB

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