A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a demo of the first section of the game. Chat with the NPC's, explore and collect berries in this demo ^_^  Go to our latest Build by clicking on the link here -> https://otter-tales-productions.itch.io/maive-demo-v31

Xbox One/Xbox 360 Controller for Windows 

PS4 Controller required for Mac

About Maive:

Maive is a single-player interactive narrative about a travelling storyteller with a magic book that brings her stories to life. 

Join Maive as she returns home after years away, and meet a unique cast of characters whose trials and experiences mirror her own. Lose yourself in the world of Maive’s magic book by playing as the characters on her pages, and discover why she left, how she became a storyteller, and the courage it takes for her to finally come home.

Install instructions

Controls for Windows:  [Xbox One/360 Controller only]

Left Analog Stick: Character Movement

Right Analog Stick: Camera Movement

Character Interaction/Berry Bushes Interaction/ StoryBook Progression: A Button

Controls for Mac:  [PS4 Controller only]

Left Analog Stick: Character Movement

Right Analog Stick: Camera Movement

Character Interaction/Berry Bushes Interaction/ StoryBook Progression: Square Button


Maive V2.0 Windows.zip 59 MB
Maive_macOS V_2.0.zip 61 MB


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I just barely finished the demo for Maive and I have to say I love the entire thing! 

The characters are quite nice and pleasant to interact with from a player's point of view! The music is some of the most relaxing music I ever heard anywhere and I love it so much! I love the storytelling aspect of the story, and even more, I love how the story is told to Lennie! I can't wait to see more of that story telling format for the other stories you'll be hearing!

Now to the feedback! The last conversation, the one with Lennie, feels a little drawn out and begins to lose your attention from the length. Maybe there could be a symbol above a character to let you know of longer dialogue, but of course you do not need to do this if it's not what you feel should be in the game. 

And this has to do not with the content, but with the demo specifically, but at the end of it at the bridge, I was easily able to walk on top of the barrier on the left side of the bridge allowing me to go further. I wanted you to be aware of that, as that could lead to people experiencing more of the game than you want them to in the demo.

To finish off, I also absolutely love the graphics! It's so simple and enjoyable to look at, which makes the experience all the better! Everything put together gives an extremely pleasant and peaceful vibe that I love with all my heart!

Overall, thank you so much for the experience, even if it was just the demo! This game has so much potential!

Thank you so much for your feedback, its going to really help us improve the gameplay experience for players. Our next demo update will be out soon for everyone ^_^  .

Yay!!! I can't wait! I'll continue to offer my feedback as more is released! Have a fantastic rest of your day and I wish for development to continue going well!

I'm so sorry I forgot to mention this my first time, but two of the lines at the end of the story, I believe the third and fourth to last lines,  go off the screen a little bit, making them unreadable. Maybe the text could stay in the more central part of the screen to help prevent this. 

I also forgot to mention that I love the art for the story as well, with everything only being made up of one line. It's very visually appealing! I also love that you must interact with some words to progress the story. I thought that was clever and engaging!

Thank you so much, your feedback has been really really helpful. We are really glad that you like our art and story ^_^ . Feel free to follow us on:

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Ottertales_ for updates on our upcoming releases !! hope you have a lovely day/night ^)^

Feel free to leave feedback in the comments